Birthday Ideas

Gives you birthday gift ideas.


Interval Timer

Beeps every x number of seconds. Good for doing workouts or anything else on an interval.


Reactive $

Exploring $: and @debug.


SvelteKit Tutorials

Library of basic svelte tutorials.

APIsWeb DevelopmentSvelteKitDemo

Bored API

Lets you find something to do.

APIsWeb DevelopmentDemo

API Sandbox

Sandbox consisting of various types of API calls as I learn to wrangle sending and receiving data from servers.

APIsWeb DevelopmentDemo


An chatbot builder with presets. This is currently built on Django and the transition to SvelteKit is in progress. I initially started building this with the help of some friends and online tutorials. The initial goal with this app is to build out a ChatGPT clone with a slightly different user experience. The end goal is to provide users with a chatbot builder that they can use on their own websites.


Flexbox Sandbox

Flexbox visualizer playground.


Cat Facts

A simple fetch for the cat facts api at I built this to get started learning how APIs work in SvelteKit.